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what makes a classic book a classic? 

A book is a classic if it reflects key themes expressed throughout time. These universal themes can be love, death, time, adversity, overcoming, dystopia, and much more. Classic books are bound to bring the reader into a world of deep meaning, where everything has a purpose. 

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Featured Must Read

Count of Monte Cristo

This is a MUST read. This book does a phenomenal job illustrating the captive of human emotions, through a mixture of betrayal, growth, satisfaction and come of age storytelling. I couldn't stop reading this during the previous STARR test, and you should too. The book depicts the journey of a young sailor, Dante, who was betrayed by his formers and thrown into prison, where he sought for revenge upon his former traitors. From Dante the sailor to the Count of Monte Cristo, his story will leave u in the light of the morale, and the humble usage of words. This tale is quite a read, consisting of early European slang, language and description. Along with around 1500 pages, The readers will be shown a descriptive, intriguing and fascinating story as they grow together with Dante, who finds that revenge isn't what satisfies him at the end. 

By Alex. Dumas

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